I first started karate when I was 7 years old, in what seems like a lifetime of training I've met and trained with many karate-ka. I've been a member of Dudley Shukokai karate club since that day and am currently the assistant instructor. With my karate I've been able to train and compete in many countries home and aboard, countries which include Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Romania, Malta, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Jamaica. I consider myself to be able to perform in both kata and kumite at competition standard.


During the KSI world championships in South Africa 2004, I was part of the kata team that won gold against the South Africans.

In 2006 I travelled to Jamaica and won gold in individual men's kata and silver in the men's kumite.

From 2007 came a very special period in my karate career  as we had  joined FEKO (federation of English karate organisations) and entered many tournaments for their English team. My first experience of this was travelling to Venice, Italy for the under 21’s World Cup where I won the individual kata (other styles). A year later my first taste of a full senior tournament at the WUKF world championships in Odessa, Ukraine, where I reached the final 8 of the men's Shito-Ryu kata and on finals day moved up to finish 7th.

There then followed some very good times for me and for FEKO. With the world championships in Romania, in which myself and the team kata team placed into the final and finished 6th in our first event together. A  year later in Sheffield  for the Europeans we placed 2nd  and the following year in Verona, Italy we won the team kata (other styles) and I also gained a bronze in the team kumite.

I now move on to a new chapter in my karate career as the All Styles Karate Alliances’ squad coach and treasurer and look forward to as much success as I have had with the SKF GB, and FEKO.
Sensei Daniel Read
5th Dan