Sensei Stuart Forsyth
2nd Dan
I started karate when a new club was set up in my local at 19 and for the first two and a half years I studied Shotokan karate where I reached the grade of 1st kyu. Following my original club joining Dudley Shukokai Karate Association I decided to change styles and have since achieved my 2nd Dan in Shukokai Karate. During this period I was looking for a new challenge and found that I enjoyed refereeing so decide to pursue this as well as changing styles.

I have been a referee for the last seven years and have achieved many things during that that, the proudest of which was when I received my WUKF World Referees qualification in 2013.

Leading up this achievement I have worked my way up through the system from qualifying as a FEKO Table Official in June 2008. I took and passed the exam to qualify as a FEKO National Referee in June 2009.

Between 2011 and 2015 I represented FEKO as a referee at WUKF events in Italy, Hungary, Scotland, Serbia, Romania, England, Poland and Belgium.

While attending these events I have promoted through the WUKF system as a Continental Judge in Gyor, a Continental Referee in Novi Sad, World Judge in Bucharest and most recently I was promoted to World Referee in Sheffield in 2013.

As the Chief Referee for the All-Styles Karate Alliance I hope to use my knowledge and understanding of the WUKF system to develop and work with interested karate-ka from member associations to enable them to officiate at local, national and international events with confidence.

A strong knowledge of the rules under which we operate can also help develop the competitors of the member associations so that they know what to expect when competing. As such all referees courses are open to not just prospective referees and judges but to coaches and competitors as well because everyone has a different perspective and something to add to the discussion.

If you have any questions about becoming a referee or the WUKF rules in general please do not hesitate to contact me.